“Big Data Expo is a good opportunity for data scientists to share experience.”

GoDataDriven considers being a Big Data Expo ambassador a great chance to help shape a market that is still young. Walter van der Scheer, Chief Marketing of the consultancy agency focusing on big data infrastructure, data engineering and data science solutions: “We believe it is important that companies can learn from each other and create value from data. Big Data Expo is a good platform for that.”

Many entrepreneurs have big ambitions, but do not always reach their goals. According to Van der Scheer, GoDataDriven always aims to produce solutions that have been build. “Consequently, the complete process, from idea to the use, must be perfect. It is the only way companies can prove it is possible to create value from data applications. Sharing information and examples, for instance during Dutch Data Science Week or Big Data Expo, is an important part in that. Data scientists meet application developers.” Scalable data science, for example, is a field with room for development and improvement. “Big Data Expo is a good opportunity where experienced data scientists share their experiences with the different available data models, and discuss what is necessary to use these applications in practise.

Results Big Data Survey

GoDataDriven has been connected to Big Data Expo since the 2016 edition. So, the ambassadorship is still relatively new. “We have always considered it a good opportunity to contribute to an event that is unique in the Benelux. The event is also a good platform to present our Big Data Survey results; research we conducted with Big Data Expo for three years now. In 2017 we expanded the research even more, to include Belgium, England and France.

Meet-ups and available optimisation models

Big Data Expo is going through developments, according to Van der Scheer. While the first editions mostly attracted business-related visitors like advisors, directors and managers, the organisation has shifted its attention more to creating an attractive programme for data scientists and engineers. “Exactly those visitors determine which direction data science will go as a field. At this expo, data scientists and engineers will find interesting content through meet-ups and speakers focusing on technology and available optimisation models.

‘The world of data science gathers in Utrecht.’

“Big Data Expo gathers the entire world of data science in Utrecht for a few days and provides it with the opportunity to inform itself and expand business network. In that regard, the event is unparalleled.” A number of presentations hosted by GoDataDriven will address use cases – including a disruptive case like Picnic – but in such a way that companies can use data applications to improve business processes and to respond to emerging technology. 

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