What's in it for me?

Unique target group

The target audience of the Big Data Expo exists of two groups. The first one is the business, professionals who use the data analyses. They are mainly focused on the data's results. The second group is the data professionals who work on a daily basis with data and data solutions. This group is mainly concerned with the technique and software.

Looking at the figures from our evaluation, our intention is to focus more on the groups that determine the strategy and vision (C-level), and the groups that are responsible for data-teams (data science manager / analytics manager). We aim on doing that by making the content more interesting to those groups.

Sharing knowledge

This is what the sixth edition of the Big Data Expo is all about. As a speaker, you can introduce visitors to the possibilities and relevant solutions of big data in a challenging way.


As a speaker you have access to all lectures, the special VIP-lounge and the drink on 16 September 2020. In the VIP-lounge you have the opportunity to have a drink with other speakers and VIP guests.

Brand awareness

The program will be online on July 1st. From that moment on, we will be fully promoting the lectures. We do this via e-mail, social media and offline mailings.

Lecture halls

There are 7 lectures per lecture hall per day. All lectures take 30 minutes including questions from the audience. There is a 20-minute break between each lecture so that the speaker has time to prepare before the presentation starts and the visitor has time to walk to the lecture hall.

Silent Seminar system
Every lecture hall is equipped with a Silent Seminar System. Thanks to the headphones, visitors can fully focus on your presentation and they will not be disturbed by the background-noise of a busy event.

In each hall there will be a moderator present who will announce your lecture and who will manage the Q&A with the audience.

Technical facilities
The organization ensures that all technical facilities are present in the lecture halls (beamer, laptop, internet, etc.). In addition, there is technical support persent.