DataOps: the next big wave on your data journey

DON 12:00 - 13:00

Techdemo zaal

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara believes DataOps is the next big wave to hit the IT sector because it can unleash the FULL power and potential of your employees and/or customers and your data.

Imagine the number of potential transformations that didn’t come to fruition because 97.5% of your data never made it into the hands of your team. With DataOps these scenarios will be a thing of the past, because your employees and/or customers will be empowered with the right data at the right time.

This session is about DataOps, delivering the right data, to the right place at right time to the right person. DataOps achieves the promise of analytics, machine learning, and AI to transform operations and drive innovation.

The presentation will go into what DataOps is and how we as Hitachi Vantara solve the DataOps challenges.

The demonstration is targeted to the cooperation between data engineers, data scientists and business analysts to remove bottlenecks in training, tuning, testing and deploying predictive models at one side and monitoring, evaluating, comparing and rebuilding these models. Model accuracy degrades over time; monitoring and switching models is cumbersome. Hitachi Pentaho can help here.

  • Bezoekersdoelgroep
    Data applicaties ontwikkelen

    Deze lezing gaat concreet in op de techniek en het gebruik van data. Er wordt uitgelegd hoe bepaalde dingen aangepakt en wat daarvoor gebruikt is. Hierbij gaat de spreker de diepte in en geeft deze specifieke feiten, inzichten, advies en tactieken op hoog niveau.

    Deze lezing is bedoeld voor bezoekers die: data applicaties ontwikkelen, zoals o.a.; data engineers en data scientists.