One Size Does Not Fit All: Make The Right Data Mesh For You

WOE 13:15 - 13:45

Zaal 6


As the data mesh paradigm takes the industry by storm, the conversation must not deep dive exclusively into the architecture, neglecting the organisational element. A successful data mesh requires investment in the people and processes that can make it work. And, the path to getting there isn't the same for everyone.

Please join Snowflake and FindHotel to hear how data mesh principals meet a practical implementation.

In this session you will:

  • Discover the principle elements of the new data mesh paradigm: domain ownership, data-as-a-product, self-service infrastructure and federated governance
  • Explore the socio-organisational challenges of delivering data products and services to internal and external customers, such as how to accommodate different maturity levels across the organization
  • Learn best practices in driving organisational and cultural change within an organisation through stakeholder steering committees, communities of practice, and data literacy
  • Domain decomposition - The challenges around identifying the domains in the company and the compromises you can make to facilitate adoption.
  • Domain data maturity - How to successfully identify the different levels of data maturity in the organization and build the platform and processes that can reduce the gaps.