Unstructured: Unlocking the value of less-structured 3rd party data

DON 14:00 - 14:30

Zaal 7


Unstructured: Unlocking the value of less-structured 3rd party data.
The value of unstructured 3rd party data is often misunderstood and overlooked. In this presentation, David Hanson, General Manager and Global Segment Leader, Data-as-a-Service, Due Diligence Solutions and Alliance at Nexis Solutions, will break down not just why it should play an important role in your company’s data analysis processes and strategy, but how to unlock its underlying value.

Hanson will take attendees through the core qualities of unstructured data, analyzing why its unwieldy and qualitative nature leads so many data experts to overlook its value. From there, he will share how LexisNexis’ three-step process of curation, contextualization and quality analysis work together to make unstructured data more searchable, more usable and more powerful.

• Step One: Curate data to only include vetted and trusted sources that won’t lead to false conclusions. In a world where only 53% of us trust the media, this is more important than ever.
• Step Two: Contextualize the data by applying specific, detailed enrichments (industry, company and individual references, article or comment sentiment, etc.) that convert unstructured data to semi-structured, searchable data.
• Step Three: Conduct quality, in-depth analysis that delivers powerful, actionable insights.

Along the way, Hanson will also share several real-world case studies, detailing how LexisNexis partners with three large organizations to use unstructured data to power their strategies and make more informed and impactful business decisions.

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    Data Science

    De impact van Data Science op onze business is enorm. Het ontsluiten van gestructureerde en ongestructureerde data door (zelf)lerende modellen vindt toepassing binnen allerlei bedrijven. Het oplossen van grote vraagstukken zoals: 'Hoe kan ik mijn klanten persoonlijker benadrukken met onze e-mailcampagnes?' of 'Kunnen we de hoeveleheid fraudegevallen bij aanvragen terugdringen?' gaat steeds sneller en effectiever door het gebruik van deze voorspellende toepassingen. Data Science helpt om continue waardevolle resultaten te behalen en te innoveren.