Data Driven Sales at Randstad - Increasing sales effectiveness with Artificial Intelligence | ML6 Customer Case Study

DON 13:15 - 13:45

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As one of the leading multinational human resource consulting firms, Randstad has 39,530 employees spread over 38 countries. Making sure that these people focus their time on contacting companies who have real potential for Randstad, and enabling them to build conversations based on accurate and relevant information has a direct impact on the success of Randstad in serving its clients and hence realizing its own core ambition.
While Randstad already had the data and insights in the ‘right companies’, with attractive commercial potential, this knowledge was not yet used optimally to steer the activities of the sales organisation on a day-to-day basis.
It therefore embarked on a mission to create an AI enabled solution that allows a better and continuous use of data by proposing concrete, actionable tasks to sales consultants through an intuitive end-user application. ML6, as AI specialist partner, is driving the setup and training of the data intelligence components of the solution, as well as the implementation of the AI ML Ops architecture to ensure that the solution can easily be scaled across teams and countries, and retraining in a continuous, automated way. This 'sales effectiveness tool’ consists of four different solution components. Core is the scoring system that assesses the potential of an individual company for Randstad, as well as how easy or difficult it will be to get to that potential.

The sales effectiveness tool is currently actively used by around 10.000 sales consultants spread over 6 countries. The hit rate has increased from the historical 25% to 70%, meaning that today the sales consultants using the tool are spending 70% of their time with the right clients - clients who have actual and feasible potential for Randstad.

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    Bier dat is gebrouwen op basis van AI of AI inzetten voor het identificeren van dieren. Het zijn slechts twee voorbeelden van waartoe AI in staat is. Aan de basis van AI staat uiteraard een enorme hoeveelheid data. Met behulp van een goede IT-infrastructuur en algoritmes is daarmee tot kunstmatige intelligentie te komen die beslissingen neemt. Op e-commerce vlak zijn er ook veel voorbeelden, waarbij algoritmes in staat zijn om patronen te herkennen en op basis daarvan suggesties te doen of content aan te passen aan bezoekers. Daarmee zijn onder andere verkopen te stimuleren. Feilloos is AI nog niet, maar de ontwikkeling gaat zo hard dat bijblijven noodzakelijk is. Dat kan op de Big Data Expo uitstekend, bezoek een van de vele presentaties en laat u bijpraten!