From Dutch energy supplier to international service provider in greenhouse horticulture

DON 13:15 - 13:45

Zaal 2


Data opens new doors. By tackling the customer's problem with data, major business opportunities arise that were never thought of before. In the last years, for example, AgroEnergy has developed a series of data-driven services that take over the complex issue of energy use and trading on energy markets from the grower. A set of smart algorithms that not only optimize the results, but also act independently on the markets and control the energy installations.

This has proved successful and prompted the next step: the fully autonomous greenhouse. A proposition with worldwide potential and with a whole new playing field. With the establishment of a new, fully independent company, the autonomous control of the climate in greenhouses worldwide has been rolled out in 2 years, with support from ALTEN Netherlands in the field of the Azure data platform on which it is build. During the presentation, we will discuss the growers problem, the deployment and value of the data, the approach and the result, both from a data and business perspective.

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    Digital Innovation

    Voor retailers is het een tijdperk waarin het hollen is van de ene naar de andere verandering. E-commerce trends verdringen zich om een plek in de spotlight, maar ondertussen dienen retailers zich ook op andere vlakken te ontwikkelen. Digitale innovatie lijkt de sleutel tot succes in een veranderend winkellandschap vol consumenten die zich steeds minder voorspelbaar lijken te gedragen. Het thema Digital Innovation, één van de onderwerpen tijdens het programma van de Big Data Expo, is misschien wel actueler dan ooit.